The authenticity of Crevendi.

This story is not about a shoe, but this is about the most high quality and design of a shoe.

Crevendi was born 29 years ago.

Meet the Founders, Marley and Michael, see how they found  each other for the first time, two little boys, playing at the streets, just the age of five and six years old. Their first meeting grew into a deep friendship.

Both founders developed en moved on in life through their own areas. Marley went on through the graphical parts and Michael choose the financial part in life.

Marley's personal growth and journey is about passion. Marley touched his talent deeply inside of him, rooted in every cell of his being, a deep passion for fashion.

This natural feeling from the inside became increasingly apparent so Marley began to focus on footwear, created the sneaker, inspired by street style and haute couture.

Michael  began his journey through  Accountancy Training and started up his career with experiencing at the Accounting Firm. This natural passion of Marley was deeply rooted into Marley's system so Michael picked up this flow. An activity of a common shared passion for luxury shoes grew into a real action for many years.

They have this wish and willingness to make shoes of a high quality, contemporary with the concept; Less is More.

The product should speak for itself; High-end Footwear Label.

Crevendi is born ~

It's not about just a shoe. It's about creating the perfect shoe.



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